Application Matrix is located in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. 

P.O. Box 5858
Derwood, MD  20855
Phone: (240) 632-9361
Fax: (301) 869-4822



Application Matrix has allied itself with Hewlett-Packard.  Application Matrix is a member of HP's Developer and Solution Partner program as well as the Information Lifecycle Management partner program .

Founder and CTO


Robert E. Rogers Jr. serves as Chief Technology Officer of the Company and has more than twenty-five years of data processing experience, including 20 years just in storage management.  Previously, he was Chief Storage Technologist for BMC Software, where he was responsible for creating product strategies, and the design and architecture of storage products.  Prior to that, he was President of Firebird Software, Inc, a startup storage software company specializing in data replication and mirroring.  As Director of Market Strategy and Planning and Chief Architect at SOFTWORKS, he was responsible for the design and development of the CenterStage and Resource Availability products for Windows NT, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and z/OS.  CenterStage was the basis for SOFTWORKS’ 1998 IPO, and EMC's $192 million dollar acquisition of SOFTWORKS in 1999.  Mr. Rogers spent three years in the design and development of enterprise storage resource managers at SOFTWORKS and then moved into Marketing to help oversee the development of marketing tools, partner relationships, and other elements key to the success of a new product.

“Mister” Rogers was also a Senior Consultant at IBM’s Washington Systems Center where he was responsible for nationwide technical support in the area of storage management.  Mr. Rogers participated in the design and development of IBM’s Adstar Distributed Storage Manager (now the Tivoli Storage Manager) and several of IBM’s tools for disaster recovery including the Aggregate Backup and Recovery System (ABARS) component of DFSMS.  Mr. Rogers was responsible for several of IBM’s product introduction programs including DFSMS, DFHSM, ADSM, DCE,  and others.

Mr. Rogers is a prolific writer and speaker at conferences such as Storage Network World, the International Storage Systems Symposium, CMG, NetWorld/InterOp, and others.

Prior to IBM, Mr Rogers was a Consultant specializing in Performance and Capacity Planning at the Federal Computer Performance and Evaluation Center (FEDSIM).